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Wholesale (vacuum shops, stores, service centers)

GoodVac wholesalePARTS WHOLESALE:

We may ask you to prove that you are involved in the vacuum cleaner sales and/or repair business before we give you discount. If you order $1000 or more we will not need proof.

To get LEVEL 1 (best discount) you have to order parts for 1000 USD or more (before shipping charges).
LEVEL 2 discount is for orders 400 USD and more (before shipping charges).
You have to register on GoodVac.com first and ask us to apply your discount BEFORE placing the order. Once you log in you will see your prices.
There will be no discount if you order is less than $400.
When placing order choose payment by "bank Wire". It will let you to send us order and we will give you bank wire information in the e-mail.
Payment must be 100% in advance and by bank wire transfer ONLY.
Credit card or PayPal payments may be accepted only after we have established our business relationship.
When you make order on the website the total will NEVER be exact:
    a) retail discounts will be removed (you may see them at the end of the order)
    b) items that we don't have will be removed
    c) shipping charges adjusted to actual shipping charges
We never pack wholesale orders on Mondays.
We may need to contact you about the order prior shipping (check your e-mail, provide us with good phone numbers).
Every order is double-checked by another person and that may take an extra day.
If shipping FedEx / UPS or DHL - sometimes better rates available only on certain days of the week.

We usually ship US Postal Service AIR. It takes 10-21 days to deliver.
To selected countries FedEx has good rates. We will let you chose how to ship.
Large and heavy shipments, we recommend shipping on a pallet by ocean. Usually it takes about 5 weeks and costs $600-900 for a large pallet.
To get the discount please register on GoodVac.com first then contact us. We will apply your discount on your account and you will be able to see your prices on the website.
You and only you are responsible for all import duties, taxes and tariffs. We may be able to make some recommendations but this is your job to find out what are the laws in your country and what paperwork you may need for import.
We have some MSDS documents and for few products we may be able to get certificates of origin. NEVER assume that we will be able to provide you any certificates, Material Safety Data Sheets, compliance certificates or any other documentation that you may need for import and/or certifications in your country. If you need any additional documents please ask before we ship your packages.
We can not combine sales promotions and coupons that we may have for retail customers. If any will still appear on your order - we will remove them later.
If you are interesting in buying vacuum cleaners or accessories please contact us. Sometimes we have 220 volt units that will be compatible with your country power supply.
Free shipping offers will not apply to wholesale orders. System calculates shipping using US Postal service calculator. System calculates based on weight only. However it cannot calculate the size of a box and weight of the packaging materials. So on larger orders please use shipping charges just as a guideline. Keep in mind that actual shipping charge is very likely to be higher. When boxes are packed and we know exact weight and dimensions we may suggest you other shipping options such as FedEx, UPS or other less known carrier if they have good rates to your country. You always are welcome to use your shipping company.

We know how important is for you to keep your cost on parts low. We will offer you aftermarket parts that are available and that are good quality according to our experience. We will package parts that will guarantee you the lowest shipping cost. You will not pay for shipping AIR across the entire world. If you order 3 boxes of bags - we will tie them together so you pay for shipping of 1 box not 3.

About Us:
We stock nearly all parts and accessories for Kirby Generation model sweepers and Rainbow vacuums made from 1989. We will be able to ship small to medium orders the same day. To ship large parts and supplies orders we may need additional 5-10 days.
We recently listed hundreds of FilterQueen and Tristar vacuum cleaner parts and with time we will be increasing our stock on those. We are trying to get setup to buy Roboclean parts and may be able to offer them in the very near future. If there is something that you can not find on the website it does not mean that we do not have it or do not have access to it. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to supply you with needed parts or accessories.