Goodvac reviews

It does not mean that we have never had a problem but we simply resolve problems in professional and timely manner. Of course there is 1 or 2 customers in a 1000 that no matter what you do - they will never be happy or they will simply keep complaining hoping that they will get something for free just for being "pain in the neck"... .
Following is just a small fraction testimonials we have gotten. We do not have feedback system in place so these are customers that took their time and told us how they appreciate our good service without being asked to do so. So here it goes:

Aloha! I just want to say Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much). You guys/gals are so fast with orders. I got my ministar after just a few days of ordering and it's wonderful. You saved me over a hundred dollars and the quality is great. You're the BEST! I'm telling ALL my friends about you. Mahalo!

Hawaii (USA)
I have to congratulate you on a brilliant service. 7 days from placing the order with you to delivery in Auckland, New Zealand. Outstanding!! I am a happy happy customer.

Auckland (New Zealand)
I just wanted to send a note about how satisfied I am with your Company. You guys have excellent communication (a plus when an item is back ordered), great tech articles, and very professional. I will come back to you for all my vacuum cleaner needs. Cheers!

Colorado (USA)
I receive my order items today. Thank you for your great business. Will buy from you again!

Splitsko (Croatia)
The water bowl arrived yesterday, just in time for a final clean sweep before company arrived! Thank you for excellent service.

Michigan (USA)
I got my filters and have installed one in my vac and a friend's. I followed your easy video and sang along as I did each one! Thanks, I appreciate your great service!

North Carolina (USA)
Wow! Great service! Ordered items on the 19th of January and they were at my front door on the 21st of January!

Massachusetts (USA)
Yes, We got the mop and I will definitely be purchasing in the future from your company! Thank you for such wonderful customer service!

Arizona (USA)
You guys are awesome. Thank you. Will do more business with you.

Florida (USA)
Received order today, thank you for a very quick delivery! It made my day. I will definitely use your company for future parts.

Michigan (USA)
Thank you, I received my order yesterday and everything is perfect!! So glad to have finally found a resource for Kirby products, they are not readily available in my area.

Massachusetts (USA)
I enjoyed your web page. It was so informative and easy to use.
And Thank You for your prompt delivery. I was so surprised, and happy to receive my order in just (2) days.
It was "good doing business with you". :)

Indiana (USA)
I just want to say thanks about the shipping I got all the part I ordered Best regards

Holon (Israel)
I appreciate a good place to shop for my vacuum supplies!

California (USA)
Just wanted you to know everything you sent was exactly what I needed. Thanks for taking the time to confirm & correct my order.

Texas (USA)
The items I ordered arrived yesterday and I am happy to say that I was able to rebuild the power nozzle base on my 20 year old Filter Queen.
The moulded plastic foundation, bearing the electric motor and the spinning brush, was an exact match for the original which was falling apart from stress and age.
I was able to transfer all the old working bits to the new frame. My only regret is that I should have oredered a new lamp. It is not a vital feature but I will try to source one locally.
Thanks for your good service,

Vancouver (Canada)
Timely shipping and part was as described. My Rainbow now works again. Thanks and will use you again if the need should arise.

Georgia (USA)

Texas (USA)
Thanks for the attention. I'm quite happy to have known the service of the goodvac. I had to spend to do it. In Portugal, maintaining the vacuun rainbow is too expensive.

Queluz (Portugal)
Got my part today and our Filter Queen is working like a new one again. Thanks for the quick service!

Nebraska (USA)
The item arrived VERY quickly...exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Kentucky (USA)
I was about to discard my badly disintegrate Rainbow E4 vacuum cleaner including badly cracked main body, chipped odd bottom plate, broken ribs on the dolly and other missing little fittings.... until I googled and found your website. I ordered the necessary parts on 11 Mar 2013 and delivery only took 5 days, I was impressed! Following your tutorials, I managed to dismantled and replaced the new parts, and they all fit perfectly!
Thank you so much for the comprehensive stocks and the speedy service.... and now, my almost 20 years Rainbow is alive and kicking again! I will definitely be back if there's any need in the future.

Singapore (Singapore)
Made my order online on a Sunday and recieved a call from you on Monday to confirm my Kirby model number to make sure the order was correct. Recieved my order on Thursday. Just wanted to commend you on your excellent customer service. I will definately be a repeat customer

Texas (USA)
Am glad to work with you and thank you for your professionalism and. Best regards

Romagna (Italy)
I finally received the basin I was expecting. I should of shopped you FIRST! Lesson learned. I am very pleased with the order, THANK YOU!!

North Carolina (USA)
Thanks a lot. You guys have helped a lot. I will make sure to use you in the future and recommend whenever I can.

Ohio (USA)
I wanted to let you know that my mom received her Rainbow sweeper parts and she was pleasantly surprised. I also wanted to thank you again for your help and time with the order.

Wyoming (USA)
Thank you so much for your help today! I went ahead and placed the order for the other 2 parts online. We can live without the scuff plate for now. Your great customer service was very much appreciated.

North Carolina (USA)
I would like to tell you thank you very much for the good, fast and excellent service that your company gave me. I know it’s only a tank for my rainbow vacuum but I found your site very interesting and useful for further use if my vacuum stop working. Thanks again and I will definitely order from you again.

Ontario (Canada)
I would like to commend you for your excellent customer service and for doing far and beyond for your customer. Im so happy with your service and very satisfied doing business with you. Im right to recommend you/your company to all my friends and colleagues who wish to use the same product.

Winnipeg (Canada)
The Kirby G5 plus new attachment set I ordered arrived today. My goodness, you really put your product where your mouth is! The first thing that impressed me was how carefully and professionally packed the box was. When you take your time to renew a vacuum, it shows that you care that it arrives in good shape to your customer. The next thing that impressed me was the vacuum itself. It looks and runs like new. The step-by-step explanation on your site of how you service each Kirby is what encouraged me to buy my G5 from you. When I unpacked the Kirby, I saw it as an invitation to keep doing business with you. Not only that, I think your prices are fair for the quality and service you offer. In the future, I'll be sure to keep you high on my list of go-to businesses.

Pennsylvania (USA)
I just want to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the delivery time of the Rainbow parts we ordered. We ordered the parts on-line Wednesday evening, December 4th and received them by USPS on Saturday the 7th. We are very pleased with this and will recommend you website to others. Thanks.

LaVern and Jean
New Hampshire (USA)
The last time I ordered was very quick service. Better than other companies I have used. You have a good selection of older parts. Thanks

North Dakota (USA)
Thanks for your information and the information contained on the site. It helped me rebuild my Kirby G5. I ended up replacing the drive N/D switch, the fan, seals and impeller, the bearings both front and back as well as making sure the entire unit was cleaned and polished. My Kirby now operates quietly and seems to have more suction, but I'm sure that is only my imagination as it always worked like a champ. (I never thought of polishing the metal case, but it sure looks pretty now compared to the corroded aluminum it looked like before)
In the future, if I require anything for my Kirby I will be sure to order it from your company as I feel indebted to you guys for providing such complete and proper information which allowed me to rebuild my vacuum properly. Thanks again for having a truly great site.

Denver, Colorado (USA)
just touching base regarding order VXXXXX (concealed). I received my order today March 16, 11. thank you for your service. I look forward to dealing with your company in the future.

Okotoks Alberta (Canada)
I placed my order on 13 Feb and I received my package within 2 weeks! This is a very prompt delivery considering that I am residing in Singapore. I am very happy with the service and I will definitely recommend my friends to buy from Goodvac!

I refurbish rainbow vacuums and really appreciate the depth of inventory you have, bearings etc. I will be using your site often keep up the good work....
All the best Robert

West Palm Beach, Florida (USA)
I have received the refund for the motor from Paypal. Thank you.
It's great doing business with an efficient and helpful company like yours where transactions can be done with complete piece of mind.

Gauteng (South Africa)
Got the shipment today! Oh my goodness, your service is marvelous! Thank you & Merry Christmas.

Fort Pierce, Florida (USA)
I got my Kirby G4 today, works great and looks brand new. Thanks for the great customer support.

Crawfordville, Florida (USA)
Hello folks! I had lent out my Kirby and darn if it didn't come back with a broken drive assembly! Our local vacuum store would only replace the entire power unit for about $400- but as luck would have it, I am a "fixer." And THANKS to your site, I am sure I will be able to fix it for at least a lot less, if not no cost at all!!
If that is the case, I am going to send you 20$ just for having such a great site to help those of us on limited income fix our own stuff!
If I do need to order a part, I'll be calling you on Monday! LOVE those close-up photos to help get through a tricky job!

Best regards,
Loran, Ohio (USA)
Wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service. The instruction I printed assisted me perfectly to disassemble and reassembly my kirby thanks again could not have done it without your excellent instructions keep up the great work.

Palm Bay, Florida
Thank you for the e-mail it was only after a couple of hours after I placed the order I did realise that the USA are on a different voltage system to England.
So your e-mail is a God send and if you are Ok with it I would like to withdraw my order as a 110v switch would not work in my machine.
Once again I thank you for your great customer service and I apologise for my rash order.

United Kingdom
Today I did receive the parcel.
Thank you for your professional service.
We will do business again.
Kind Regards

Tomasz S.
Gauteng (South Africa)
G'day guys, I recently placed an order sale no VXXXX (concealed). Just writing to let you know I received my order today. Thank you very much for the good service.

Stephen H.
New South Wales (Australia)
Not sure who to direct this to. I work in retail, I strive to give great customer service daily, and when I come across someone else does so, they need to be recognized. My mother and I have both ordered parts from your site, she for her Filter Queen as she cannot find a dealer close anymore, and I for a Rainbow E2 motor that I acquired on eBay. Mom just needed filters and a new floor/wall brush, her order arrived in two days, and she was so pleased at the prices. I am building my system from the ground up so that I can customize it to my wishes without dealing with a salesman at the moment, and your site is allowing me to do so. I needed new pan latches, filters, everything. My order arrived in three days. We cannot express our amazement at the speed of delivery, and your prices. We like our high dollar vacuums, we will spend the money for something of quality, and your site allows us to maintain them and buy the extra accessories we want with no hassles. I have much more to buy for my Rainbow, and rest assured it will be from you. Again, kudos for the great service, and we look forward to definitely ordering from you in the future.

Sheila S.
Jasper, Indiana (USA)
Thank you for the incite on products. You give more information as a service than I can pull out of my vacuum's manufacturer (Rexair/Rainbow), who is trying to sell the product. I have ordered parts from you and have you on speed dial. Thank you again,

Charles O.
Fort Worth, Washington(USA)

I have just made some purchases over your website.
We are a sanitizing company from Singapore, and have been using Kirby machines since we started (2002). After searching through tons of websites, we found yours the most comprehensive and helpful, well done! keep it up!
We look forward to enjoying a fruitful business relationship with goodvac.com

Fendi Z.
Thank you for contacting me about my error, this will save time and money!!!
Thank you again for all your help.
Have a Great Day!!!

Joyce S.
Islip Terrace, New York (USA)
Thank you very much for the refund on the missing part. It was explained to me that the part is not really needed if the original is in good shape, which it was.
You have my business, and I will recommend you to anyone that is looking for parts online.
Thanks again!

Mike Z.
Sidney, Ohio (USA)
Our Kirby Vacuum parts came today - very fast- and our machine is good as new! Thank you for having the BEST website and the best prices! We are very pleased with everything about the transaction!

Sandy and Scott
Morgantown, West Virginia (USA)
I was, first off, very pleased to find your site. I lost contact with my Kirby rep about two years ago and was unsure where to find parts. I stumbled on your site and found exactly what I needed and more. I also wanted to say I passed this on to a friend and told her how quick and easy the site was to find things and how quickly I ordered and how fast me shipment was. I ordered last Thursday Dec 10 and received my order Mon Dec 14. So a very sincere thanks to all for the site, the parts and shipping. Together you have found a new repeat customer.

Linda L.
Jonesboro, Georgia (USA)
THEY FIT!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! If anything else breaks I will contact you first to see if you have it...I will tell my daughter as well, she has a rainbow...Glad to do business with you.

Paula M.
Jacksonville, Arkansas (USA)
Just wanted to let you know all the parts arrived OK.
Thanks very much for the excellent service.
We have a happy working Kirby again.

Paul B.
Somerville, Victoria (Australia)
Arrived today... was cleaning my carpet about 10 minutes later.
Your refurb job is wonderful..looks like new!!! runs like new!! ( I guess, I'll never own a new one.) hehe but it is still hard for me to believe how well it works and will be the last vacuum cleaner I'll ever buy.
Only one question... The owners manual that was sent is for a G6 and mine is a G4. Does this matter? Thank you so much for doing a great job with this product.

Brad W.
Fairfield, Iowa (USA)
We have just tried the vac. It is amazing! Thank you very much for the vac and for the way you treat your customers. Special thanks for your help in preserving a few dollars.
If one of my friends decides to purchase the same vac, I will definitely recommend to do it in your shop.
Bolshoe spasibo.
Kind regards,

Kirill F.
Perm (Russia)
Hi Sarah at good vac in shipping and sales; I got the parts I ordered yesterday Feb.19th and I just wanted to thank you all for the speedy service to me and everything arrived as should I require any more parts I know who to call again thank-you so much

Margaret S.
Wasaga Beach, Ontario (Canada)
Our order arrived this morning (thurs-local time) and I can't believe it is here already. I thought I would be waiting for weeks. This is great service all round, much better than sellers in Australia. Thanks for the service and I will be back for sure. Cheers

Brendan H.
Tasmania (Australia)
I'm glad.... having the Rainbow today !!!
Everything is correct and it was very well packaged.
It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Villequier-Aumont (France)