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SC002-0002 Brush Roll sub-assembly
SC002-0003 Brush Roll Cover sub-assembly with Front Wheels
SC002-0006 Rear Wheel sub-assembly
SC002-0008 Medallion sub-assembly
SC002-0009 Scent Frame & Holder sub-assembly
SC002-0010 Sonic bar & DC Motor sub-assembly
SC002-0013 Collar Mount sub-assembly
SC002-0015 Upper Handle Assembly
SC002-0016 Brush drive belt
SC002-0019 Upper Cord Hook sub-assembly
SC002-0021 Motor Power cable
SC002-0022 Bag fill static pressure sensor with tube sub-assembly
SC002-0023 LED PCBA
SC002-0025 Rear Motor Clamp & LED Bag/Brush Warning sub-assembly
SC002-0026 Motor Cover Large
SC002-0027 Turbine Mount with Felt
SC002-0029 Upright screw sub-assembly
SC003-0001 Handheld Motor sub-assembly
SC003-0002 Handheld Cap sub-assembly
SC003-0003 Handheld Power Cord sub-assembly
SC003-0004 Handheld hose sub-assembly
SC003-0006 Handheld turbo tool
BG55-10023317 EVA Bag sub-assembly
BG55-10023318 Base Cover sub-assembly VTU
BG55-10023319 AC Motor & Fan Housing sub-assembly
BG55-10023320 Rubber Bumper
BG55-10023321 Power Cord & Strain Relief sub-assembly
BG55-10023322 Upper Handle sub-assembly
BG55-10023323 Power Switch sub-assembly
BG55-10023324 Lower Handle sub-assembly
BG55-10023325 Motor Power Pigtail Cable
BG55-10023326 Power Cable 40' Extension
BG55-10023327 Main PCBA
BG55-10023328 Handle Release sub-assembly