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Whether you are looking to get your first garment steamer, or upgrade/replace your previous steamer - you're at the correct place! If you already have used one before, then we don't have to explain about all the benefits of owning the garment steamer. All we can do, is to offer you a selection of best garment steamers out there (in our humbled opinion) - just press "Add to cart", and enjoy! And if you are the newbie, who is looking to get your first clothes steamer and wants to know if they are worth owning, then read on, and hopefully we will provide enough information, so you could make an informed and educated decision about adding one to your cart too.

So, you have seen them in big retail stores and small boutiques, at you friends home, at your local dry-cleaners, and on TV, you've seen them in the different shapes and sizes, however your are not sure whether you need one, or which one to get.

Let's start with benefits:
  • Saves time. Many garment steamer users have found, that steaming is up to five times faster than conventional ironing. Maybe, that's the reason, why you don't see people ironing clothes in retail stores.
  • Safe for any material and fabric. Tough enough for denim but gentle on silk, and doesn't "shine" or scorch fabrics like iron can. Garment steamers breathe new life into fabrics; conversely, ironing crushes clothing fibers. Therefore, gentle steaming prolongs the life of the fabric.
  • Easy to use. Just fill the tank with water, turn the switch on, wait for a few minutes - and you are ready to go.
  • Versatile. Use on clothing, drapes, tablecloths, bedding, and virtually any fabric. You can even use it for removing wall paper.
  • Benefits your health. Steamers not only gets rid of wrinkles, freshens up fabric and eliminates odors, but also kills germs, bacteria and dust mites. Many owners uses powerful steam to sanitize bedding and upholstery.
Features: They all have the tank, that has to be filled with water, heating mechanism, hose, steam head and on/off switch. However, there are few thing to keep in mind when making your decision:
  • Heating power. More power means more steam. Steam is your ammunition against wrinkles, and you will need lots of it. Therefore, do not settle for anything less than 1200 to 1500 watts of power, unless your are looking for hand-held steamer.
  • Heating time. It all depends weather you are looking for residential or professional use. For doing a few garments at a time, you'll want your steamer to heat up fast, as in few minutes. For a large jobs you should get a professional unit, that may take up to 15 minutes to heat up, and as a rule they have more power and large tank capacity.
  • Quality construction. That's where you get what you paid for. Since you must apply some tension while steaming (for better results), cheaper units becomes wobbly with the time and telescopic poles collapse while steaming. You definitely want better quality unit, that is built with better quality parts.
  • Length of the hose and pole. Good quality steamer should come with a pole and hose that are long enough to handle coats, pants, dresses and could be used on curtains and bedding. Choose wisely.
On our website you will find steamers for both individual consumer use as well as professional garment steaming use. There are few categories:
  • Personal Garment Steamers. They are mainly designed for personal use around the house for removal of wrinkles and quick freshening up of garments.
  • Professional Garment Steamers. They are more powerful than the personal use models and specifically designed for commercial applications in retail stores and dry-cleaning businesses.
  • Travel Garment Steamers. It is ideal travel companion for those, who wants the convenience of cloth steamer no matter where their travel takes them. Also great for residential use as an addition to your stationary garment steamer.
  • Steam Press. Nothing against conventional iron and ironing board, but Steam Presses offers up to 10 times large ironing surface, so it is like using 10 irons at once. It saves time and with all the control knobs and indicators, makes it safe and fitting choice for all hard core ironing fans out there.