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Currently we are NOT BUYING any vacuums

Individual owners in general our prices will not be the best you can get. So, if your vacuum is in working condition and you have a digital camera – snap some pictures and post it on e-bay or or simply keep your old sweeper as a backup.

Dealers and distributors
Why sell your trade-ins to us?
  • No need to waste time cleaning up your trade-ins, fixing them, taking pictures, making listings, tracking payments and answering phone calls. This is what we do full time and we know that it does take a lot of time.
  • You will be able to spend more time selling new units so in the end you will not lose money when wholesaling used vacuums to us.
  • Your employees will not get an idea that “I will do what my boss does.” They will not drop the price of a new vacuum just to get that “nice trade-in."
  • You will not put tons of used vacuums on the market in your local area creating competition for yourself by selling them to a vacuum shop next door.
  • If you keep trade-ins “for parts” or occasional sale – keep 5 or 10 on hand but if you have 20+ then you will not be able to sell them as fast as you are trading them in unless you really concentrate on selling used units.
  • What we buy:

    Rainbow and Kirby vacuums we buy no matter what condition they are in. We may be interested in buying just components or parts.

    Rainbow vacuums
  • Rainbow D4 series
  • Rainbow SE series
  • Rainbow E series
  • Rainbow E2 Series
  • Rainbow AquaMate (50 ft hose)
  • Rainbow AquaMate II
    Kirby vacuums
  • Kirby G4 (Occasionally)
  • Kirby G5 (Maroon)
  • Kirby G6 (Black & Yellow)
  • Kirby Ultimate (Light gray & yellow)
  • Kirby Ultimate Diamond Edition (Light gray & yellow)
  • Kirby Sentria (Light gray & orange)

  • The following brands of vacuums have to turn on for us to consider buying:

  • Oreck vacuums
  • All models Filter Queen vacuums
  • Filter Queen Majestic (Maroon)
  • Filter Queen Majestic (Green)
  • Filter Queen 75th anniversary (Blue)
  • 3 Filter Queen 60 (Blue)
  • Dyson vacuums
  • All Models Hyla vacuums
  • Hyla N series
  • Hyla NST Tristar vacuums
  • Tristar EXL
  • Tristar MG1
  • Tristar MG2
    Some Riccar, Miele, Lindhaus, Thermax vacuums. If you do not see something on the list but you think that we may be interested – contact us.
    Currently we are NOT BUYING any vacuums
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    Bissell BG10 Upper Housing Filter Asm Bissell BG10 Upper Housing Filter Asm

    Part #:203-7463

    Our Price: $3.99
    Bissell BG10 Flow Indicator Asm Bissell BG10 Flow Indicator Asm

    Part #:203-7439

    Our Price: $7.99
    Bissell BG10 Nozzle Gasket Bissell BG10 Nozzle Gasket

    Part #:203-7456

    Our Price: $2.99
    Bissell BG10 Nozzle Assembly Bissell BG10 Nozzle Assembly Guide

    Part #:203-7530

    Our Price: $48.99