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Over 70 years old and family owned for three generations, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. Inc., established themselves as a symbol of quality, professional engineering, performance and relentless quest for perfection. Metro vacuums are proudly made in the USA. They will catch your eye with attractive Stainless Steel/Chrome exterior design, which falls in both "sleek" and "rugged" categories. However, what really matters is the cleaning power, and Metro has got it! Up to 4.0 Peak Horsepower and Quadruple HEPA filtration provides unsurpassed performance, which separates Metro vacuums from its competitors. It could be the last vacuum cleaner you will ever have to purchase.

Vacuum Cleaners: Home, Car, Portable, Pet and Handhelds
Blowers: Professional Blowers, Pet Dryers and Car Blasters
Supplies: Replacement Bags, HEPA Filters, Odor  Neutralizers
Parts: Power Nozzles,  Attachments, Dollies, Hoses and Wands

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co., was established in 1939 by former door to door vacuum cleaner salesman Israel Stern and his wife Pearl Stern. With $50 that he got from his father-in-law, Israel opened a small retail space in Bronx, NY, rebuilding and selling vacuum cleaners. For the first ten years Metro's focus was on reconditioning and sales of vacuum cleaners to retail specialty stores and mail order houses. Between 1957 and 1970 Metro introduced three innovations: in 1957, well priced, 110-volt portable vacuum cleaner. In 1964 the first 12-volt car vacuum cleaner that plugged into cigarette lighter outlet. Great demand for those two products enabled Metro to move into its own 32,000 sq. foot building in Suffern, NY. In 1970 another innovation was introduced by Metro: The Duo-Volt hand held vacuum cleaner. This is the world's first and still only vacuum with dual voltage (110V-12V), designed to work in the home and in the car. Through the seventies and into the eighties Metro developed many different powerful vacuum cleaners from full size to compact canisters. In the eighties, Metro began to diversify by entering new and different industries. Metro is now a well recognized name in the computer/office industry with Metro Data-Vac computer Cleaning Systems. In addition, marine, camping and sporting goods industries are served through Metro's Air Division which markets high volume pumps and inflator/deflators. Also a decent presence in the pet drying industry with Metro's Air force Pet Grooming Dryers. In April 2002 Metro entered the motorcycle industry, with the Air Force Blaster Motorcycle Dryer. Whether you are looking for a powerful canister or hand-held vacuum, "Duster" for complete office equipment and computer cleaning, "Blaster" for your car and motorcycle detailing needs or "QuickDraw" for pet drying - Metro products will do an exceptional job and will last forever.