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In every home there is at least one room that desperately needs to be cleaned with bucket full of soapy water and a mop. Whether it is the kitchen, living room, hallway or bathroom, it could get messy, especially if you are using old fashion way. Some people just give up, and hire expensive cleaning services to do the dirty work for them. But now there is help in the form of floor steam cleaners, which is a fresh solution, that replaces all the cleaning chemicals, dirty and smelly mops, bulky and space consuming buckets, and yes, cleaning service too. Lets talk about Floor Steam Cleaners.

Technology. Floor steam cleaners work by boiling water in a special chamber and emitting high temperature steam at a very high pressure through microfiber cleaning pads. By combining hot and dry steam with high pressure, you will be able to loosen dirt and stains, that are stuck to your floors or even carpets. Stem alone is enough to sanitize and disinfect surfaces from dust mites, mold, fungi, bacteria, and as well as other parasites on the spot. The best part, that these products don't use harmful cleaning chemicals or agents, it means that it is environmentally friendly. Steam cleaners can work on virtually any surfaces, including but not limited to hardwood floors, carpets, rugs, linoleum, ceramic and marble tiles.

  • Environmentally safe, chemical-free cleaning. The only ingredient is water!
  • Easy maintenance, and doesn't require a lot of space for storage
  • Surface drys in minutes, since it uses dry steam
  • Kills germs and bacteria on touch.
There are few different categories of steamers on our website:
  • Multi-purpose steamers. Those machines comes with a lot of different attachments, and are designed to perform many different functions. They look like regular canister cleaners, and have some in-common features: canister on casters and wheels for maximum maneuverability, and flexible hose with floor nozzle. Due to the fact, that they have the hose, you can use them not only for the floor cleaning, but also for above the floor cleaning and sanitizing. All the different attachments allows you to clean bathrooms, tiles, stoves, barbecue grilles, patio furniture and more.
  • Steam floor mops. Those machines are primarily designed for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaced floors. Some of them comes with optional tray for sanitizing carpeted areas and area rugs. Some of the models on our website are dual function machines, that allows you to pick up dry dirt and steam clean floors at the same time by combining vacuum cleaner and floor steamer in one unit.
  • Hand-held steam cleaners. They are primarily designed for above the floor cleaning. Use them in your bathroom, kitchen, or take them outside to sanitize your car interior, clean barbecue grills and much more.
Summary: The old way of mop and bucket is OVER. Invest in the steam cleaner, and ENJOY the new, effortless and environmentally friendly way of cleaning!