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Parts for Hoover Ground Command 20 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Number on
Part Number
Part / Item Description
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1 BF5-01 Top Cover
2 BF5-02 Pole On/Off Switch
3 BF5-03 Cable Clamp-Black
4 BF5-04 Cable Grommet Sleeve
5 BF5-05 Core Cable
7 BF5-07 Motor Enclosure
8 BF5-08 Motor Retaining Mold
9 BF5-09 Wet/Dry Motor
10 BF5-10 Motor Mounting
11 BF5-11 Air Inlet Baffle
12 BF5-12 Motor Protector
13 BF5-13 Motor Mounting Base
14 BF5-14 Rubber Seal
15 BF5-15 Canister Frame Handle
16 BF5-16 Float Ball
17 BF5-17
Flat Cage Assembly
18 BF5-18 Molded Bag Ring
19 BF5-19 Cloth Filter Assembly
20 BF5-20 Hose Cuff
21 BF5-21 Flexible Hose
22 BF5-22
Canister Clip
23 BF5-23 Drainage Hose
BF5-24 Hose Inlet Assembly
BF5-25 Handle
BF5-26 Swivel Cuff
BF5-27 Chromed Metal "S" Tube
BF5-28 Floor Pickup Tool
BF5-29 Handle Grip
30 BF5-30
Trolley Frame Handle
31 BF5-31
Swivel Bracket
32 BF5-32 Stainless Canister
33 BF5-33 Plastic Chassis
(For switch)
34 BF5-34 Wheel Axle
35 BF5-35 Rear Wheel
BF5-36 Castor Wheel