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Rainbow Vacuum D4 (used)
Rainbow D4 vacuum cleaner

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We are not affiliated with Rexair, Inc. - no factory warranty. This Rainbow vacuum is still covered under our guarantee.
This Rainbow D4 vacuum unit was professionally serviced. That includes taking Rainbow D4 unit and the nozzle completely apart; inspecting all parts of body and the motor and washing all plastic parts to ensure that you are not getting any dirt from previous owner house (we do not wash inside of the hose though). Also it gets new bearings. It is done to every Rainbow D4 no matter what condition we got it in.

  • Rainbow power unit with (NEW) 2 quart water pan
  • 2 wet (regular) hoses
  • Dolly
  • Attachment caddy
  • Floor tool (NEW)
  • Upholstery tool (NEW)
  • Crevice tool (NEW)
  • Dusting brush (NEW)
  • Inflator/Deflator tool (NEW)
  • 4 short extensions
  • Power nozzle (attachment with rotating (NEW) brush roll for vacuuming carpets)
  • Long extension
  • Printed manual
  • 6 cord straps
  • Cord extension (power nozzle)

We are not an authorized Rainbow distributor. We are not affiliated with Rainbow vacuum manufacturer Rexair, Inc. We do not sell brand new Rainbow vacuums. New Rainbow vacuum can only be purchased from authorized Rainbow dealer during in-home Rainbow demonstration.

Here is some more information about this particular model. This is from historical standpoint and has nothing to do how they are being sold today. Below described attachments and accessories may or may not be included purchasing this model from us. Please refer to "Included" list above.
Rainbow D4 vacuum cleaner model (1986 - 1991)
50 year anniversary joining Rexair, Inc. was celebrated with launching a new Rainbow D4 model cleaning system. Talking about main motor unit this was fairly "different animal " but as far as the rest of it - pretty much the same.
Rainbow D4 vacuum power unit Motor unit:
Gets the on/off switch on the top (makes sense - as far from the water as it gets...). Looses one of the fan blades and fan casing now is plastic. This design (with minor changes) remains the same for about 12 years. All parts are still available for this model today and you should be able to get it serviced in nearly every bigger vacuum shop. Rainbow parts are a bit pricey comparing to other brands within the industry but D4 parts are still within the "affordable" range if you want to get it fixed. It is a good idea not to wait till motor seizes. When this happens motor may burn and it is definitely going to be much harder to take apart and the repair may get pretty expensive. We would recommend to take it in to a professional repairman when you hear a grinding sound while motor is winding down after you turn the it off . This is an indicator that one or more bearings are dry (the most likely lower one) and it is a matter of a few months before it will stop. For a while D4's had the same plastic separators as later D3 vacuums and brass nut was tapered so it would center the separator on the shaft. Later this design was abandoned and separator had vertical slots and separator nut surface pressing against the separator become flat. If your Rainbow motor has excessive vibration - try reinstalling the separator a few times - sometimes it may balance system get rid of the vibration.
Rainbow D4 vacuum cleaner power nozzle Nozzle:
Not much different from D3 design. Darker plastic to match new main unit color. Same nozzle motor and everything else inside. Slightly different clear lenses on the top.
Rainbow D4 hoses
Extension pipe
Hose and attachments:
Still two wet/attachment hoses - one for attachments and another one to be used with carpet nozzle. Had 1 long extension pipe for carpet nozzle and 4 short ones. One of the short wands were to be used in conjunction with long nozzle wand and the rest of the wands (Top curved, Middle straight and bottom curved) were to be used with attachments. Same basic attachments.
Floor brush Dusting brush Crevice tool Upholstery tool Attachment Caddy Separator brush Sprayer
Rainbow SE D4 Floor toon Rainbow SE D4 Dusting brush Rainbow SE  crevice and crack toolD Rainbow D4 SE upholstery brush Attachment Kaddy
Separator brush Rainbow Sprayer
Standard and Optional attachments
Rainbow D4 and SE shampoo attachment "Aquamate" - Discontinued but available as reconditioned unit.
Overall the same shampoo system as prior D3 model just change of color.
Rainbow D4 SE Rainbowmate "Rainbowmate" - I think it was NOT available till Performance Edition model but I figured I will mention it here so we have a chance to sell it to you because it will work with your D4 just fine just you have to buy extension cord.
4 quart water cntainer for Rainbow 4 quart water container - It is an option available since D3 till today. Comes really handy when vacuuming large areas, using shampoo system or using your vacuum to pick up water.
Aerofresh Rexair bag "Aerofresh Bag" - this is what D4 model manual says about it "This handy plastic bag is seized to fit even your largest cushions and pillows. Helps remove stale, dusty air and replace it with water-washed fresh air
Deluxe D4 accessory pack "Deluxe Accessory Pack" - (NOT sold as a set anymore but available to buy as separate components) included: 4 quart container, squeegee, attachment caddy, fragrance pack, Aerofresh bag, Deodorizer-air freshener and floor cleaner concentrate . This set is not available anymore from the manufacturer for this model. You could get the same package but you would have to buy everything separately.
Deluxe D4 accessory pack "Special Accessory Pack" - included: attachment caddy, fragrance pack, Aerofresh bag and deodorizer-air freshener . This package set is not available either..
Rainbow upholstery shampoo attachment "Rexafoamer" - optional nozzle that makes foam.
(Pictured is Rainbow e-series soap making nozzle but it is the same as D4 with exception of the color)
Rainbow Rug Tool "Rug Tool " - was called "Aerodynamic Jet Rug Tool". Pictured is the new style attachment but it has not changed.
Rainbow Squeegee "Floor Squeegee" - this became more like today's squeegee head. Not sure when manufacturer started making stainless steel wands and introduced removable sponge
vacuum fragrances Solutions and fragrances - "Deodorant air Freshener"; "Shampoo Concentrate"; "Floor Cleaner Concentrate" ; "Rainbow Fragrance Pack" (only following scents were available back in the day that were - Apple Blossom, Siberian Pine, Gardenia and Violet); "Rainbow Pine Needle Oil" (this would have come in a box of 100 capsules that you would have to break and pour contents into the water container); "Rainbow Pine Needle Oil" (these would have come in a box of 100 capsules that you would have to break and pour contents into the water container); "Rexafoamer Shampoo" appears in the literature.
Items not mentioned in manuals but still available:
  • 16 inch floor tool the one that today costs nearly $100
  • Scalp massager - attachment originally advertised for massaging your scalp and getting dandruff is not in the manuals anymore. It is available till today but is sold only separately or in a big accessory pack for e-series Rainbow

  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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