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Rainbow Vacuum 2011 E2 Black (used)
Rainbow E2 Black vacuum cleaner

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We are not affiliated with Rexair, Inc. - no factory warranty. This Rainbow vacuum is still covered under our guarantee.
Gently used Rainbow E2 Vacuum cleaner. This is the Black Vacuum that came out in 2011, also sometimes called Type 12 or Diamond - the latest version. Unit is very different from earlier E2 models. This machine is a refurbished / gently used machine.

Equipped with 2 speed motor - "HIGH" - for vacuuming and "LOW" - for using system as an air filter. All attachments and the water basin are brand new.

  • Rainbow motor unit with 2 quart water pan and HEPA filter
  • Electrified Hose (can be used for water pick up)
  • Dolly
  • Attachment caddy
  • Floor tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Inflator/Deflator tool
  • Coil cleaner (black plastic tube)
  • 2 stainless steel wands
  • Power nozzle (attachment with rotating brush for vacuuming carpets)
  • Aerofresh bag
  • Printed manual
"Compare apples to apples" :
It says "E2" on the bottom of every Rainbow e-series vacuum cleaner since 1998. If you are looking for the latest model that Rexair, Inc. is currently manufacturing , make sure you are buying the "2 speed" unit.
Below we will discuss the system based on the changes that the vacuum has undergone from previous model.
We are not an authorized Rainbow distributor. We are not affiliated with Rainbow vacuum manufacturer Rexair, Inc. We do not sell brand new Rainbow vacuums. New Rainbow vacuum can only be purchased from authorized Rainbow dealer during in-home Rainbow demonstration.
We do NOT sell brand new Rainbow vacuums and if you would like to purchase this model please go to your local authorized Rainbow dealer. This article is for information purposes ONLY.
Rainbow E2 model 12 newMay 2011 Rexair, Inc. releases new model Rainbow E2 BLACK model 12.
Black in Color, contemporary side labels and logo, rounded 5 wheel dolly, different cord caddy, LED lights in water basin and nozzle, no cords on hose, wands or nozzle. Main motor and computer are the same motor in the earlier E2 2 speed vacuums.

Rainbow e2 model 12 packagingOuter master carton - weight 39 pounds measuring (in inches) 17 1/2 long x 15 wide x 26 deep
Inside packs a box with nozzle and box with Rainbow sweeper plus accessories:
Box with nozzle - weight 7 pounds measuring (in inches) 17 long x 14 1/2 wide x 4 deep
Box with vacuum and accessories - weight 30 pounds measuring (in inches) 17 long x 14 1/2 wide x 22 deep
The way the system is packaged, the fact that wands are pre wired for use with nozzle and only hose included is the electrified hose indicates that the way the system will be sold is changing. Carpet/rug nozzle attachment (a.k.a. "Beater Bar") used to be packed separately with long extension pipe and electrified hose and was presented by a salesman as a separate "optional attachment". The most of the time it still was sold with the system but a customer had a chance to purchase it without the nozzle. In regions where wall to wall carpets are less popular more systems were sold without the nozzle. New E2 BLACK model is packing the electrified hose in the box with the Rainbow, regular 'non-electrified" hose is not even there (it still would fit the new Rainbow sweeper) and only extension wands that are needed to use a regular floor tool have harness permanently attached to them.
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Rainbow e2 model 12 main motor unit designWeight 15.6 pounds. The most noticeable difference is the black plastic color and more contemporary looking set of side labels. Front big label and label on the handle got carbon fiber-like background. Nice accent - bright gray side latches that will resonate with hose latches.

Cord Caddy
Rainbow e2 model 12 new style cord caddyOn prior Rainbow vacuum e series and e2 series models Rexair was experimenting with cord caddies. First version was way too small to hold the long cord then exhaust cover plate design was changed to double its function as an additional ear to wind the cord. Rexair, Inc. redesigned it yet once more. Now filter cover is completely redesigned making it capable to easily accommodate Rainbow cord. There are no moving parts and no more caddy ears broken. However getting the vacuum ready for vacuuming will take a bit longer. Sliding ears were prone to breaking but releasing the cord took one second and on the new model cord has to be unwound manually.

LED light
Rainbow e2 model 12 mainLED lightsLED lights are very durable and take up very little electricity making them very easy and inexpensive to use everywhere. This Rainbow vacuum water pan illumination does not improve its performance but it certainly makes it much more attractive. Isn't it good to know that the manufacturer cares not only how the appliance is serving its main purpose but how it looks as well.
Rainbow e2 model 12 main motor unit LED lighting controller outlet Looks like they have been planning it for a while as all computers / controllers have had the outlet to plug in the lights for quite some time prior to the new model release.
Rainbow e2 model 12 main motor unit LED harness and boardThis is the LED board lens and harness
Rainbow e2 model 12 main motor unit LED and separator brush locations RED arrows - location of the LED lights on the bottom of the unit.
BLUE arrow - Rexair, Inc. decided to give the separator cleaner brush back. It has been taken away from you as it was not included in the set and compartment housing it wasn't there. Rexair used to call the separator "Self Cleaning"and that is what people expected letting the separator get overgrown and overtaken my fine dust. Please keep the separator clean if you want to extent life of your Rainbow sweeper.;

Rainbow e2 black dolly wiev from top Dolly has a completely new design. Has prolonged shape and got the rubber bumper all around the perimeter. It is less likely to scratch your furniture and will remain looking good as white paint that may end up on the bumper will not be visible as it used to be on bare plastic dollies
Rainbow e2 black model dolly view from bottom Casters are on vertical shaft that is inserted into plastic dolly body. This was the design Rainbow dollies had many years ago and around 1990 they switched to another design that was great for vacuum shops as dollies were one of the best sellers. Switching back to this type of wheel attachment hopefully will proof to be the decision that will save more money to the customer. Instead of 4 wheels Rainbow dollies now will have 5. 3 of them are a bit larger and two are significantly smaller. Hopefully this will not make it harder pulling Rainbow vacuum over the edges of area rugs.

Rainbow e2 model 12 main motor unit design Motor or as it is called in parts catalog - "pump" is all the same as in all 2 speed Rainbow sweepers
See LARGE pictures HERE


Rainbow PN12 box cartonWeight 7 pounds. In the box there is only the nozzle. .

Rainbow e2 model nozzle version PN12This is a completely new animal. Much wider bumper, LED headlight, rotating edge brushes.. It is very well insulated / sealed construction so no more loss of suction through structural gaps that were inevitable in prior design. This needs a bit more detail explanation so keep on reading.

Rainbow e2 model PN12 nozzle bottom viewJust like it does not look like anything it was from the top it is totally different on the bottom as well.
Bottom plate covering brush roller and the belt is latched onto the nozzle in 4 places and then it is locked by a small plastic dial near the right wheel. Wheels covered with rubber or rubber-like material making them safe on hard surface floors. In the front of the nozzle you see round edge brushes on each side and YES they are spinning and brushing towards the center of the nozzle while you are vacuuming.
Screws in the center of the edge brushes are only screws used in whole assembly. It is well thought through and very easy to take apart and put back together.
Brush roll bristles stick out a bit to agitate the rugs and carpets when vacuuming.
There are no front wheels anymore but the edge brushes and brush roll bristles keep the bottom of the nozzle above the hard surface floors so it is safe using it hardwood floor as the plastic bottom would not touch it.
When nozzle is dropped onto the carpet bristles would sink into the rug a bit bringing the suction intake closer to the surface of a rug.
Rainbow e2 modelnozzle PN12 brush rollerBelt is 3/16 of an inch wider than regular Rainbow belt but seems to be the same diameter and made out of the same material. It may be wider because with side edge brushes it needs a bit more torques and it may result in need to replace regular belts more often than the new wider belt.
Bristles on the both sides of roller are positioned at different angle. This may be done to reduce nozzle jumping over a carpet.
Rainbow nozzle PN12 edge brush constructionno more switching tools in order to get edges of the rug vacuumed. Rotating brushes reaching the surface all the way to the edge of the nozzle . They get momentum from the worm-gear on each end of the wood brush roller spinning gear with attached to it circular edge brush. Worm-gears have opposing threads so both edge bristles are spinning opposite direction brushing towards the center of the nozzle.
Rainbow nozzle pn12 led lightsCircuit board with 9 LED micro lights . Power to the motor is supplied through the board but this is probably to just to eliminate the need for extra harness, plugs and terminals. Nozzle motor is still using the same power as in your house electrical outlets .
Rainbow new style black nozzle motor and sealsONLY part that remains the same as in prior model Rainbow vacuum nozzle. Still the same part number R12918 (this is for 120 volt so 240 volt motors may be under different number). Only that it says"Revision 4" on the motor label. Only difference we could see from Revision 2 is that motor cooling fan is plastic while revision 2 had metal fan.

Noise dampening - as you see there are 2 rubber rings that go on around the motor and one rubber boot that is placed in the front of the motor when installing in the nozzle. This will reduce the vibration passed onto the nozzle assembly so nozzle will be less noisy.
Rainbow nozzle PN12 pivot and tubePivot arm, wand release, harness and intake tube:
Pivot arm - it has built in swivel that swivels 180 degrees. Old style had nozzle pipe / wand turning within pivot arm so fitting had to be a bit loose and allowed some loss of suction through the place where pipe was inserted into the pivot arm. Built in wand release (light gray part in the picture) - you do not have to bend down to release the wand from the pivot. All you have to do now id press the pedal with your foot and it will release the wand so you can pull it out
Harness - Receptacle on the harness is positioned so that when you plug Rainbow wand into the pivot it aligns with the connector on the wand and there is nothing else to be done to supply power to the nozzle. Harness plugs directly into the LED circuit board supplying power to the lights and the motor.
Intake tube (short piece of the hose) - For decades Rainbow nozzles were made with seal between pivot and housing far from perfect. It was functioning more or less ok when new but felt strips would wear out pretty quickly and a lot of suction were lost through the gap. Once dirt and sand gets in between the pivot and housing there will be some wear but considering large area where pivot touches the housing this probably will not become the reason to have it serviced.
Intake tube - this was the original design when first Rainbow nozzle was made. Back then about 30 years ago materials were far from what they are today so tubes were one of the most vulnerable part in the construction of the nozzle. Today materials are much more durable and flexible and this is not likely to be going back 30 years but rather a major improvement. This piece of hose connecting pivot with nozzle intake compartment will not loose any suction to waste.

Rainbow e2 model nozzle air tightAnd last but not least - bottom cover portion that forms the intake compartment housing the bush roller goes 1/4 of an inch into the main housing making sealing it off. There plenty of space for dust bunnies to go through so it is very unlikely to clog.
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Rainbow Black model black hoseColor changed to black to match the vacuum and coupling has light gray latches to resonate with accents on the canister dolly and nozzle. Just like hose design before this one it is insulated well enough to pick up water with. Still do not immerse handle in the water. It is built to pick up water but not to work under the water. No more attachment hose in the set so this is ONLY hose you get when buying new Rainbow vacuum. But keep in mind that non-electrified attachment hoses are still available for purchase and they will fit your new E2 BLACK Rainbow sweeper model,
Rainbow hose suction airflow reliefSuction relief valve is built in in the front of the handle assembly
Rainbow hose on of trigger lockOn/Off trigger lock. you can lock the trigger either on ON or OFF position.
Black e2 Rainbow wandsOnly 2 stainless steel wands are in the set now. Connect them together or insert them into the nozzle and electrical connection is made automatically They can be used with the floor tool
Black rainbow e2 attachment setOther than wands and the hose standard attachment set remains unchanged. Color of attachments now is black and "R" logo is not there anymore
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Disclaimer: We are not an authorized Rainbow distributor. We are not affiliated with Rainbow vacuum manufacturer Rexair, Inc. We do not sell brand new Rainbow vacuums. New Rainbow vacuum can only be purchased from authorized Rainbow dealer during in-home Rainbow demonstration.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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