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There are 2 major types of Oreck bags - with and without docking system so this is really one thing to really pay close attention when purchasing replacement filters. If you have less common bag chances are that you know about already. If you are not sure please read description carefully and if still not sure - send us an email. We suggest considering aftermarket satchels as they usually are not any worse than genuine but costing just a fraction.
Here is what we mean when we say Oreck "Bag docking system":
WITH docking system WITHOUT docking system
Oreck vacuum bag / satchell docking system Oreck exhaus elbow WITHOUT docking system
This is the Oreck WITH docking system
Bag slides into the bracket and once you close it the exhaust elbow is inserted into the bag. Disposable bag (satchel) is still equipped with rubber lip that seals the gap between the elbow and the bag cardboard.
This is the Oreck WITHOUT docking system
Bag just goes over the exhaust elbow and is held onto it by rubber lip / seal that is a part of the bag. Once you start the vacuum the paper bag inflates and the pressure does not let the bag slide off the elbow.