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Sandia 12 Gallon Indy Automotive Extractor
Sandia Portable 24-Gallon Flood Pumper
Sandia Sniper 80-2100 Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-2100-H Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-2200-H Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-2300-H Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-2500-H Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-3300-H Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-3500 Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-3500-H Extractor
Sandia Sniper 80-5000 Hard Floor Extractor
The Sandia 12 Gallon Extractors are offered with a wide range of options. Carpet Extractors are available with your choice of 2 or 3-Stage vacuum motors and pressure pumps ranging from 100 to 800 psi. There is also an automotive version, designed specifically for use in detailing vehicles. You could also choose the Hard Floor Extractor which provides 1200psi of pressure - easily enough to extract even the toughest stains and soil. There is additionally a Flood Pumper, which is an extractor, adapted to use the powerful vacuum motor and waste dump pump to move 40 gallons of water per minute. 12 Gallon tanks allow for quick and easy filling and emptying, the waist height controls make operating the machines a breeze, and the non-skid wheels make moving them around very easy without scuffing floors.