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Fragrances Limited vacuum scents

Raxair Rainbow Fragrances

Drop cap dispencers and scented oild by Abbey Sullivan

Vacuum scents and airfresheners by Rogers with spray caps

Odor Assassin

Carper pebbles a.k.a powders by Good Home Scents

Vac yum carpet scents

Feather Lite carpet powder

Kirby vacuum carpet powders

Fresh Wave

Fragrances that can be used with any water based filtration system such as Rainbow,RainMate, Karcher, Pigg, Hyla, Thermax, Delphin, Roboclean, Oceanblue, Thermax, Hyla, ProAqua, Minimax, Aqua Air, RobotAqua and others.. Also can be used with a lot of humidifiers and air-washers (refer to manuals or contact manufacturer to see if your humidifier can be used with fragrances that contain oil and/or alcohol.
Rogers and Fragrances Ltd. offer fragrances with spray caps so you do not have to own a water filter or humidifier to dispense the fragrance.

Fragrances Limited scents
Concentrated oil fragrances with drop caps and spray caps from one of industry-leading manufacturers Fragrances Limited. 20+ years of experience, solution testing and not "cutting corners" made earned them many loyal customers.

Roggers Refresher fragrances
Scents come in 2 oz bottles with spray caps making it possible to use with bag type vacuums or simply spraying fragrance into the air for immediate effect. If using in a car or vacuum bag - spray inconspicuous area or test surfaces to make sure that fragrance will not affect the color

Rainbow fragrances by Rexair
Rexair Rainbow RainMate fragrances
Originally designed to use with Rainbow vacuum cleaners and RainMate air fresheners. Can be used with any other water based system. Sold in sets of four 1.67 ounce bottle. We carry full line of genuine Rainbow fragrances at very competitive prices so look no further

Mini-Max botanical extracts
Thermax MiniMax botanical scents
Full line of new 2010 fragrances by Mini-Max for . Have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Sold in 2 ounce bottles. Citronella - mosquito repellent fragrance available. Good Home Scents - fragrant crystals

Scenter vacuum cleaner crystals
It is NOT powder and is not meant to get inside of the carpet. These crystals meant to get in the bag and release scent into the air as air is being circulated through the bag.

Abbey & Sullivan - drop and spray fragrances & reed difusers
Abbey Sullivan scents fragrances
High end fragrances at regular fragrance prices. Come in small 1 oz bottles as wel as in a larger 3 ounce bottles for those who like that speciffic scent. Fragrances can be used in vacuum systems, reed diffusers and to make your own scented freshener to hand of the rear view mirror in the car