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Rainbow E2 (black) series Rainbow E2 (blue) series
Rainbow E2 (2 speed) series Rainbow E series
Rainbow SE Performance Rainbow D4 SE
Aquamate Aquamate II
Rainbow Aquamate III parts Rainbowmate E series
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Rainbowmate E2 series Rainbowmate SE D4
Rainbow RainMate Old Rainbow model parts
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Rainbow MiniJet Rainbow RainJet parts
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If you have a vacuum shop or just own a Rainbow vacuum and you are a "do it yourself" type of person - this is your Rainbow part store. This is the most complete Rainbow vacuum parts store online with pictures and item descriptions. When we feel like we have to clarify something about part compatibility or specific of installation we do so. This is an ongoing project and if you see something that dos not look right or you can improve installation techniques - please send us your suggestions or write a review on a part page.

We are concentrating in the most common Rainbow parts for more current Rainbow vacuum cleaner models such as:
Rainbow E2 (a.k.a E squared - 2 speed Rainbow vacuum cleaner with Hurricane motor)
Rainbow e-series (a.k.a. Rainbow e )
Rainbow SE Performance Edition ( a.k.a. SE PE - with PN2 style power nozzle)
Rainbow SE
Rainbow D4

Parts for Rainbow sweepers such as D3 D2 (nicknamed R2D2) and older - Rainbow D3 parts are still accessible but older units have been a bit neglected by the Rexair (Rainbow vacuum cleaner manufacturer). They keep discontinuing parts for them. It may be because they think that if you had your Rainbow for 30 years or more then it may be about the time for an upgrade. Still - write us a message and see if we can get it or maybe we can get our hands on a preowned part.

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