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How to replace the HEPA filter neutralizer on a Rainbow vacuum cleaner:
Filter is located under the plastic cover on the rear of the vacuum. Older e-series 1 speed models had this cover attached to the vacuum with 4 screws. 2 of those screws were near the bottom of the unit and 2 more were concealed under the cord caddy (push flat screwdriver between caddy and cover and it will pop off). On the newer Rainbow vacuums the cover is held in place by 2 tabs on the bottom. Use flat screwdriver to release the tabs and the cover will come off easily.

For answers "When to replace the filter" and all about "Washing the Neutralizer" scroll to the very bottom of this page
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Rainbow E2 HEPA filter
Rainbow HEPA Filter E2
Our Price: $32.36

Rainbow E2 HEPA filter
HEPA neutralizer fits Rainbow E2 sweeper AFT
Rainbow E2 series Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter Neutralizer AFT
Our Price: $14.95

HEPA filter / neutralizer that will fit 2 speed E2 series Rainbow vacuum model BLUE and GOLD. Aftermarket
HEPA filter No2 to fit Rainbow e sweeper encased
Rainbow E series Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter Neutralizer AFT washable
Our Price: $14.95

Filter No2 will fit Rainbow E series ONE speed sweeper. This neutralizer id completely encased in plastic. Aftermarket
Filter No2 fits older ONE speed Rainbow E
Rainbow E series Vacuum Exhaust HEPA Filter Neutralizer AFT disposable
Our Price: $13.97

Filter No2 will fit older ONE speed Rainbow E series vacuum cleaners. Aftermarket
Rainbow Motor Filter E
Rainbow E series Motor Filter GENUINE
Our Price: $22.30

Rainbow vacuum cleaner motor filter for Rainbow e-series vacuum cleaner model
Rainbow Filter / Neutralizer E washable
Rainbow HEPA Neutralizer E washable GENUINE
Our Price: $36.00

Rainbow HEPA filter for ONE speed E series vacuum model. This one is fully covered with black plastic
Rainbow e series HEPA filter - disposable
Rainbow HEPA Neutralizer E disposable GENUINE
Our Price: $35.16

HEPA Filter cartridge that will fit Rainbow e series ONE speed vacuum cleaner. This one is disposable filter. Genuine
We have been asked numerous times "How often you should replace the filter". Here is our opinion:

Filter has to be replaced only when:
  1. It stinks because some moisture got on the filter mixed up with dirt.
  2. Filter is is significantly clogged so it obstruct the airflow thus making your Rainow sweeper much less effective.
We have suction gauge to measure it but normally Rainbow vacuum owner would not have $100 tool laying around. So we suggest doing the following:
  • Unplug hoses from the unit.
  • Turn on the Rainbow and put your hand to the opening for the hose and feel the suction.
  • Turn off the vacuum and remove filter
  • Turn the vacuum back on and feel the suction then (with filter removed)
If you feel that without the filter Rainbow suction is much better - it is time to replace the Neutralizer.
Note: Do not be afraid to turn on the vacuum without filter in place. It will not damage it in any way.

Washing filters:
While water is great filter I guess it did not meet strict standards for the Rainbow vacuum to qualify as "Air Filter" so Rexair (Rainbow vacuum manufacturer) introduced the HEPA Neutralizer (filter cartridge). But then their sales force lost the oportunity to pitch "You will never need to buy another vacuum bag again" feature.
I believe that manufacturer came up with "Washable Filter" mostly because they wanted to keep the "No another filter" pitch and at the same time certify the system as air filter. I just do not believe that in washing microscopic particles out of tiny pores. Using certain equipment, high pressure, solvents - it is probably doable but with "tap water"?..

Drying HEPA Neutralizer:
Drying such filter after washing it gets very messy. According to the Rainbow vacuum manual you would have to install the HEPA all soaked wet back into the vacuum and turn it on for about 30 minutes. Dirty water will splatter out of the unit. Not only you will need to clean floors after such drying but the vacuum too. You can not leave the filter to dry on its own. When washing - water mixes up with dirt and if it is not dried soon it may grow mold or at least become very stinky. Every time you vacuum with such filter in place - it would be like having a skunk in the room.

So do not rush to buy another filter just because someone told you that you MUST replace it every 3 months. Filter may last you a year, two or even three (depending what you vacuum how ofter you vacuum). When filter is clogged - do not attempt to wash it - just get a new one.
(never vacuum plaster dust, ashes or other powders - water will not be able to trap it all quickly and effectively so your filter will be clogged in the matter of seconds.)