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GoodVac.com Will Carry Parts and Supplies for Oreck Brand Vacuums

By the end of 2011 GoodVac.com plans to stock and offer to its customers over 300 SKUs of Oreck brand parts supplies and accessories.

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Quote startWhat sets GoodVac.com store apart from its competitors is that each item listing in the store includes a pictureQuote end

Palos Park, IL (PRWEB) August 05, 2011

For years GoodVac.com has been offering all Kirby and Rainbow parts and accessories. Later, inventory was slightly expanded with Filterqueen, Tristar and Metropolitan vacuum brands. Adding Oreck parts and supplies is a major undertaking by the company as hundreds of new items have to be received, photographed, weighed and entered into the online store one at a time.

What sets GoodVac.com store apart from its competitors is that each item listing in the store includes a picture. Competitors often resort to diagrams and parts lists by a part number shown in the diagram. For the average consumer this would be baffling. Sometimes it is quite difficult to tell if it is the exact same model shown in the diagram as the broken vacuum in front of him. This is especially true with Oreck brand sweepers. Oreck has made several distinctive models that were given many different model numbers just to distinguish distribution through different channels. However, some models actually had some differences and to make matters worse there might be up to 7 or 8 types of each model that signify technical changes implemented in the cleaning system. By having a picture of the part and a very detailed description, GoodVac.com hopes to provide plenty of information so a customer will be able to select the correct part without having to call and consult a sales representative or technician about compatibility of the part with their Oreck. This ultimately will minimize the time store reps spend on the phone helping customers choose the right part. This in turn will reduce operating costs so that GoodVac.com will be able to offer Oreck parts at rock bottom prices.

Another crucial element of the vacuum cleaner parts supply business is having spares in stock available for immediate shipment. GoodVac.com has in stock nearly all available original and generic parts for Kirby, Rainbow, Tristar and Filterqueen even for medium-sized wholesale orders. The same will be true with Oreck parts. From the click of the "Submit Order" button to the package arriving at a customer's door will be less than a week within 48 states. Order delivery will take about 2 weeks anywhere else in the world.

There are nearly 100 Oreck parts and supplies already in the store and inventory is expanding every day. By 2012 GoodVac.com will have all popular parts needed to repair 9 out of 10 Oreck brand vacuums anywhere from their most popular upright model to their less known canister design.