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Kirby Avalir 2 Multi-Surface Shampooer
Kirby Multi-Surface shampooer

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Product Code: K-ACC-MLT-SMP

New Kirby Avalir 2 Multi-Surface Shampooing System

This is brand new, redesigned, Multi-Surface Shampoo System capable of professionally cleaning carpets and hard floor.
Use it on carpets, vinyl, ceramic, tiles and no wax hardwood.

System will work with:
  • Kirby G3 vacuum cleaner
  • Kirby G4 vacuum cleaner
  • Kirby G5 vacuum cleaner
  • Kirby Gsix vacuum cleaner
  • Kirby Ultimate G vacuum cleaner
  • Kirby Ultimate G Diamond vacuum cleaner
  • Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner
  • Sentria II (Sentria 2)
  • Avalir vacuum cleaner
  • Avalir 2
Set includes:
  1. Removable tray with shield
  2. Nozzle
  3. Carpet brush roll
  4. Hard floor brush roll
  5. Liquid container with cap
  6. Short L-shaped hose
  7. 12 oz. carpet shampoo
  8. 4 oz. hard floor concentrate
  9. 12 oz. ready-to-use hard floor cleaner
  10. Belt
If you have never used this shampoo, we highly recommend reading our ONLINE MANUAL. This is a simple but very effective unit but you have to learn how to use it and "common sense" will not be enough!

Carpet Shampooing Operation:
Tank with soapy solution is attached in place of the bag. It utilizes the air coming out of the exhaust to blow soapy water on a small screen that turns it into thick foam. The foam is simply laid over the carpet (you must vacuum before you shampoo). Foam allows the spread of a small amount of water over the area so carpet is not soaked all the way through. Foam is left on the carpet for a few minutes so it has just enough time to moisten the fibers of the carpet and loosen the dirt (not too long otherwise foam may dry). Then foam maker is set to "OFF" and you slowly pull Kirby vacuum over the area where you laid the foam. The rotating brush in the shampooer nozzle rubs the moisture off carpet fibers and and throws it into the tray in front of the unit. You will not see gallons of dirty water but that is because you did not put it on the rug in the first place. Carpet should dry within 1-4 hours (depends how many times you laid the foam and what is humidity in the room). After it dries it has to be vacuumed. Solution that did not get picked up with the shampooer brush dries and shampoo additives do not let the dirt stick back to the fibers of the carpet. It is loose when it dries so in order to pick up what is left, you must vacuum again.


You can use any carpet shampoo sold in your local store but make sure that this is carpet shampoo that makes foam and pay attention how much you have to dilute it with water as various shampoo products come in different concentration. Avoid using "just anything" that makes foam. Some household chemicals (such as dishwasher fluid) will do great job but it will leave carpet unprotected so dirt will stick to it so well that you will have a filthy rug in no time.
Why it does not pickup the dirty water?
This is not like one of those "extractors". There is no suction at all when removing the suds from the rug. The way this works - It uses foam to spread small amount of water on the carpet. Thus is does not soak but barely moistens the fibers and gets dirt loose. So you should not wait too long before picking it up otherwise moisture will get absorbed by carpet. When you going back over the spot shampoo was applied - brush roller spins and scrubs the dirty water off the fibers and throws it into the tray. Some of the moisture and dirt would still stay on the carpet. When it dries ingredients in shampoo would not let the dirt stick back to the carpet. So it is HIGHLY recommended to vacuum the carpet after it completely dries.
As of barely any or none of the dirty water in the tray (assuming that may happen due to 3 reasons.

1 - You did not have the tray all the way down to the carpet so brush is not even reaching the rug to scrub.

2 - You are letting the foam to sit on the rug too long so it gets absorbed and/or dries.

3 - Carpet is very old and/or very dirty and ir absorbs the moisture very fast so it cannot be scrubbed off by the brush. Therefore you should use only carpet stain removers as they should contain some chemicals that would cover carpet fibers with protective - dirt/moisture repellent film. While multi surface spot removers like 409, Orage stuff or even dishwasher soap would be very effective removing stains - that area of the rug would get dirty and very hard to wash as soon as in a week.

We are NOT affiliated with the equipment manufacturer in any way.
Warranty is through us only.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di (2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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