1.1.0 - How to assemble and attach Kirby vacuum handle

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    1.1.1 - Attaching handle grip to aluminum portion of the Kirby vacuum handle
     Attaching Kirby handle grip

    You can use a Phillips screw driver or simply hold the screw head with your thumb.  (If using a screw driver do not over tighten the screw.)

    Technical note - screws may look the same for all models but some of them are a different length.  As far as I have noticed, screws for Kirby vacuums G4, G5, G6, Ultimate G and Ultimate G Diamond Edition are all the same.

     Kirby cord hook swivel The long screw has to go through the spring and then through the cord hook.

    1.1.2 - Attach the assembled handle to the Kirby vacuum main unit (back to TOP)
     Installing Kirby handle assembly

    It simply clicks into place.

    Install Kirby cord on handle Insert cord into the bottom cord holder.
     Install Kirby cord on handle step 2

    Insert cord into the top cord holder.

    Technical note - on earlier models it looks a bit different but function is just the same.