1.2.0 - How to install Kirby outer and disposable bag

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1.2.1 - Install Outer Bag
Kirby bag installation allign marks

Picture 1

Align the bump on the plastic portion of the bag assembly (Called Bag Mini Emptor) with the bump on the aluminum part of the fan case on the main unit.

Lower the bag down over the exhaust.

Lock the Kirby bag in properly

Picture 2

Press the bag plastic part (Mini-Emptor) towards the unit to lock it into the place.

Push the mini emptor to the unit as far as it can go so it will press the safety switch (see pictures below). The unit will not operate if the bag is not properly installed.

This is the #1 reason why your Kirby vacuum may not work.

Kirby Sentria bag safety switch Picture 3

This is the safety switch that prevents Kirby vacuum from spitting clouds of dust into the air if you accidentally forgot to install the bag or it is not installed properly.
Kirby safety switch actuator on bag Picture 4

When locking in the Kirby mini-emptor this bump is pressing the safety switch.
Attaching kirby bag top latch Picture 5

Bag top latch simply locks in the plastic portion of the handle just like the seat belt in your car. To release it - simply push where it says "PUSH".

1.2.2 - Install Kirby Disposable Bag (back to TOP)
Kirby disposable bag over mini emptor hose

Picture 6

Align the protrusions on the end of the hose inside cloth bag with cuts in the cardboard on the disposable bag

Insert Kirby vacuum elbow into bag opening

Picture 7

Push the hose into opening in the bag so protrusions go in

Do not worry about rubber lip inside of the bag. It does not have to go over the hose or anything.

Kirby disposable bag installation Turn the bag so it is vertical (clockwise).
Kirby bag installation Picture 8

Insert the disposable bag with hose into the outer bag and close the zipper.