2.2.0 - Vacuuming Bare Floors

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2.2.1 - Vacuuming bare floor with upright
Kirby nozzle frame

1. Kirby vacuum nozzle has a metal frame (rug-plate) on the bottom of the nozzle. Therefore, it is not a good idea using upright for vacuuming bare floors as they may get scratched.

2.2.2 - Vacuuming bare floor with surface nozzle (back to TOP)
Attaching the hose

2. To use the floor tool you will have to set up Kirby as a canister. Simply remove the nozzle and attach the hose.

Kirby switch actuator 3. If Kirby vacuum does not work with the hose but works with the nozzle it might be that the plastic switch actuator on the hose is broken (to purchase this hose part from the home page go KIRBY > PARTS> chose your model > ATTACHMENTS). It has to press a black safety switch on the front of the unit.
Floor attachments 4. To use floor nozzle (surface nozzle) you will need:
  1. 2 extensions
  2. Attachment elbow
  3. Floor nozzle
connect wands 5. Connect pieces by putting them together and twisting about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn.
vacuuming with floor tool 6. Connect pieces:
  • Surface nozzle to extension wand
  • Extension wand to second extension wand
  • Second extension wand to elbow
  • Elbow to hose
Surface nozzle has rubber wheels so it is safe on the floor. If you have cats or dogs you may need to periodically clean fur off the bottom of the surface nozzle.