2.4.0 - Additional Functions

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  • 2.4.0 - Additional functions (standard set)
2.4.1 - Hand portable (vacuuming bed)
release the handle To convert Kirby vacuum to Hand-Portable you have to replace long upright handle to a small one (included in the standard attachment set).
Detach the bag and cord from the upright handle.
Press the button under protective vinyl boot on the back near the vacuum cleaner motor unit
Pull the handle Pull the handle straight up - it should come out VERY easily.
Install small handle Push the portable handle in. It also should go in very easily and just click in place.
latch the bag Put the bag latch in the back of the handle
Hand Portable You are DONE and ready to use it as hand portable. It is great for vacuuming stairs, minivans, and mattresses. Keep in mind that brush roll will shake mattresses pretty well and if you suspect that the mattress may not withstand harder beating (old or very delicate mattresses) - do not vacuum it.

Make sure you clean wheels and bottom of the Kirby vacuum as it may be dirty from vacuuming carpets.

There are companies that specialize in sanitizing mattresses and we know several of those companies that use Kirby vacuums for this very purpose.
Drive OFF Make sure you have tech drive on OFF when using it as hand portable.

2.4.2 - Air blower (back to TOP)
safety cup Take the nozzle off and install the safety cup.
Safety switch actuator Once you install the safety cup it is a good idea to check if the vacuum is working. If it is not (assuming it did work with the nozzle) - check if safety cup switch actuator isn't broken (see picture).

If it works then but it does not when you install the hose (next step) you will know that you did not turn the hose far enough.
match the marks Take the bag off the Kirby. On the bigger end of the hose there is a line that you have to match with a little bump on the kirby fan housing (marked with red dots). Push the end of the hose over the Kirby exhaust as far as it can go.
turn the hose Turn this hose end clockwise (you may have to apply considerable force).
exhaust safety switch It has to be turned far enough to press another safety switch that is on the unit just behind the exhaust neck.
Kirby blower You are done and ready to use it as a blower. We would recommend turning it on outside. Hose may have some dust accumulated on the inside and it may blow a lot of dust in the first few seconds of use. Also shake the hose well while outside to loosen any dust/dirt accumulations on the inside.
    Be very careful when blowing dust out of computers or other electronics.
  1. Dirt from inside of the hose may damage components.
  2. Airflow is so strong that it may break circuit boards if they are not well mounted around the perimeter.
  3. Using Kirby a lot of static electricity may be generated that may cause circuit failure due to electrostatic discharge (harmless to people - deadly to electronics).
do not do this NEVER operate blower with the nozzle on. There are 3 important reasons for that:
  1. Kirby is designed to have much higher RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) with the hose or safety cup so it will push more air than with the nozzle.
  2. If you use kirby as a blower with the nozzle - dust and dirt that is in the nozzle from vacuuming carpets and/or rugs will be blown into the air.
  3. If there is nothing (no nozzle no safety cup) Kirby vacuum simply will not turn on.

2.4.3 -Spray Gun (back to TOP)
Spray gun can be used for painting with WATER based paint. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly right after use.
Spraygun Trigger Spray angle can be adjusted with the trigger (it is like a screw/valve)
Sprayer Bottle It also can be used to shampoo carpet in the car or stairways.

First vacuum the area very well.
Fill the bottle with cool water to the lower mark.
Add Kirby shampoo to the upper mark.
Kirby Sprayer Straw
Make sure that the straw-like tube is in the spray gun. Then screw the gun onto the solution bottle.
Install the suds cap
this will make foam.
Kirby Sparys Foam Put it on the hose (Kirby is assembled as a BLOWER)
Turn the Kirby ON.
Lay foam over the carpet.
Rubbing Kirby Foan in
Work it in with any brush and leave it to dry
While it is moist - Kirby shampoo loosens the dirt from the surface but when drying it does not allow it to adhere back to the fibers of the carpet.

Vacuum well when dry.
We would NOT recommend using it to shampoo furniture (unless you really know what you are doing) nor using it to clean clothing or fur coats (we have heard that being suggested by some salespeople).