Putting Kirby Vacuum Back in the Box

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Packing Kirby vacuum back into original box
Lower nozzle all the way down Note:
If you are planning to have the Kirby vacuum stored in the box for an extended period of time it is recommended that you disengage the brush roll belt so it will not get stretched over a longer period of time. To do that, just remove the nozzle from the unit and put it back on without twisting the knob in front of the nozzle.

The nozzle has to be all the way down (on the lowest possible setting).
Use sheet 1 One sheet of packaging paper goes on the nozzle.

If you do not have the original packaging materials use something softer such as 3 or 4 folded paper towels. Brown packaging paper (slso called Kraft paper) usually is a bit too abrasive and it may leave scratches.
Use sheet 2 Second sheet of paper - one end goes under the headlight cap. Headlight cap is then lowered and the paper is folded over the top of the Kirby unit.
First insert Then Kirby motor unit is placed in the box. To the left of it goes a white foam insert and one of the cardboard inserts goes between the Kirby and the white foam.
Insert 2 Another cardboard insert goes on the other side.

Note the holes in the box. This is where they have to be located so once you have everything packaged you can put your fingers through to hold on to the box so it is easy to carry it.
Push to the left Push everything to the left as far as it can go.
Put Kirby hose in Put the hose in.
Put Kirby handle in Then goes the top portion of the Kirby vacuum handle.
Put in Kirby caddy Then the attachment caddy with all attachments already in it (you should not have a problem fitting everything in).
Put in Kirby cord Cord goes in between the caddy and the unit.
Put in Kirby handle Then the metal part of the handle. Make sure to fold down a part of the cardboard so it will be between the Kirby headlight and metal handle.
Put in Kirby wands Then both extension wands.
Put in Kirby bag assembly You will have to take the disposable bag out so the cloth bag can be put in properly. If you are packing a well used Kirby vacuum that may have a lot of dust and sand inside the hose and miniemptor (plastic shoe-like thing) - shake them well so the dirt will not spill inside the box.
Cober Kirby box Put the box cover on and you are DONE.