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  • No filters
  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy maintenance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Made in Germany
    Venta evaporation system uses stacks of disks slowly rotating in the water and fan circulating the air over these plates. Model LW45 has 45 sq ft of disc surface area. This is more than the surface area of the water in two bathtubs -providing maximum humidifying efficiency. Can be use with soft or hard water, energy efficient, no ions, no ozone, no white dust or over humidifying, simple and effective humidifier and purifier for comfortable rooms.

    Air Purifier - dust and other impurities adhere to discs and then washed off by water when discs submerges again. Washed off dust stays in the lower housing. Cleaning is simple as rinsing and refilling.
    Humidifier - since system uses natural water evaporation it is impossible to overhumidify the room so it maintains humidity level that is just right
    Technical Data
    For rooms up to 200 sq. ft.
    (12' X 15' room)
    400 sq. ft.
    (18' X 20' room)
    800 sq. ft.
    (24' X 30' room)
    Disk surface area 15.3 sq. ft. 22.5 sq. ft. 45 sq. ft.
    Air throughput up to 70.6 cu. ft. per minute up to 123.6 cu. ft. per minute up to 158.9 cu. ft. per minute
    Speeds 2 3 3
    Sound level 22/32 dBA 25/37/42 dBA 25/37/42 dBA
    Dimensions 10.2 x 11 x 12.2 in. 11.8 x 11.8 x 13 in. 17.7 x 11.8 x 13 in.
    Weight (empty) approx 7 lb. approx 8.5 lb. approx 13 lb.
    Energy Consumption approx. 3/4 watts approx. 3/5/8 watts approx. 3/5/8 watts
    Tank capacity 1.4 gallon 2 gallons 3 gallons
    Warranty 10 years 10 years 10 years

    Is the Venta System worth the money?
  • You are getting two appliances in one, so it is great investment. Compare that with what you would spend for separate, equal quality systems, and you'll see why.
  • You never have to buy another replacement filter, pre-filter or wick.
  • Electricity costs are very low - less than those for a 40-watt light bulb.
  • There is no need to buy a new appliance every 2-3 years. Venta 2 in 1 Airwashers are built to last, with its sturdy construction and timeless, elegant design. Plus, you are backed by 10-year limited warranty!

  • Why is Venta-Airwasher unique?
  • It offers unique technology. It works without filters. Dry indoor air is drawn into appliance and passed through a stack of disks rotating in the water.
  • Air impurities and odors are trapped in the water, only pure water evaporates. The remaining airborne particles are "washed" out of the air.
  • The Venta-Airwasher performs the dual function of humidification and purification. This is more effective than purification alone, as humidified air keeps a large portion of dust particles down on the floor.
  • Through the process of cold evaporation, which is recognized as the best method, air is automatically humidified to correct percentage, that's why Venta humidifier doesn't need complicated dials. It cannot over humidify, making the Venta-Airwasher ideal for year-round use.

  • Why choose the system without filter pads?
  • Very Hygienic. No bacteria-ridden filter pads.
  • Water is the filter. Fresh every day. Cleans with consistently high level of effectiveness, as water does not clog.
  • Visible purifying performance. Pure water evaporates, leaving dirt trapped in the lower housing like salt in the sea.
  • Odorless. No smell of moldy filters or stagnant water.
  • Easy maintenance. No filters to change or cumbersome containers to fill, Simple design and convenient access to the lower housing allow for easy cleaning.
  • Extremely quiet.