2.1.0 - How to vacuum carpets with Kirby vacuum

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2.1.1 - Adjusting nozzle to carpet
Plug in the Kirby To properly adjust the nozzle height you will have to turn on the Kirby vacuum cleaner, so plug it in.
Turn the Kirby ON ON/OFF pedal is on the back of the unit. Press switch once.

If vacuum does not start:

1. Try other electric outlets

2. Make sure bag is properly installed (see Install outer bag instructions).
This is THE MOST COMMON problem. Over 90% of service calls are resolved by double and triple checking outer bag!!!

3. Make sure nozzle or hose is properly installed. There is a safety switch on the front of the unit to prevent Kirby vacuum from starting if intake is not covered.
Start lowering the nozzle Start lowering the nozzle by pressing on the top pedal. It will allow you to lower it by one click at the time so you have to release the pedal and step on it again to lower the nozzle by one position more.


Sound will change to a lower tone when nozzle touches the carpet and air starts flowing through the rug fibers. Suction literally lifts the rug up a little bit. You may have to press the pedal once more because as soon as you start moving Kirby vacuum back and forth the rug may start loosing contact with the bottom of the nozzle.
not always The best setting is NOT always the lowest possible setting. Thec arpet or rug has to be a little bit loose so air can pass through it and Kirby vacuum will pick up dirt even from under the carpet. If you lower the nozzle all the way dow on a thicker carpet it simply would press the carpet to the floor and this is not effective.

Imagine yourself living back in a day before vacuums and electricity were invented and you would have to beat the rug with a stick outside. If you you would press it to the wall and bash it with the stick, it would not be nearly as effective as hanging it loose on a tree branch. Using the nozzle too close to the carpet is pretty much the same-just you have a stick that keeps hitting the rug over a thousand times per minute...

2.1.2 - Using Tech-Drive (back to TOP)
press drive pedal So now Kirby is working, nozzle height has been adjusted - time to start vacuuming.
With an empty bag the Kirby upright vacuum weights about 23 pounds and if the bag is nearly full it may weigh 30+ pounds. Add the nozzle to carpet friction - it becomes pretty hard to push.

Fortunately in 1990 Kirby Co. came up with the Tech-Drive that will move the Kirby vacuum around the house for you. All you have to do is "steer it". Tech drive is like a gear box in a car. Put it in gear, release the clutch and you are on the move. To start using the tech drive just press the yellow "D" pedal.

You may have noticed that your Kirby vacuum handle is a bit loose. This is because the handle acts as a lever to operate the clutch and as soon as you push the handle it will pass motor momentum to the tech drive and wheels will spin forward. If you pull on the handle - wheels will go in reverse.
lift the nozzle After you are finished, before you put kirby away - lift the nozzle up. If you leave it down - metal nozzle frame may scratch the hardwood floor and it is not healthy for the brush roll bristles to stay in contact with a surface while in storage.
Turn tech drive to neutral When Kirby vacuum is OFF and tech drive pedal is in "D" it is like if you would try to push a car while it is in a gear with the engine off. Wheels will lock and it will not go anywhere. Press the gray"N" pedal.

Nozzle is raised. Tech drive is in Neutral - now you can safely roll your Kirby vacuum to a closet until the next vacuuming.

2.1.3 - Using handle adjustments (back to TOP)
In front of the handle all the way down by the unit you will see a knob that can be moved to 3 different positions. Each of them has a purpose.
handle knob to left

1. While handle is vertical - slide the latch knob to the left (see the picture). This will enable you to tilt the nozzle off the floor by pressing the handle down. Now you can get larger debris off the carpet that was being pushed around when the nozzle was flush to floor.

handle knob to center 2. While handle is vertical, position latch knob in the middle. Now you can press the handle all the way down without lifting the nozzle. This enables you to vacuum under a coffle table, under the bed and other hard to reach places.
handle knob to right 3. To get the knob to the right you will have to tilt the handle horizontally. This locks the handle in the horizontal position. Now you can:
  1. Save closet space - Kirby upright takes up about 15" x 15" of floor space. But when you have the handle locked in the horizontal position you can lift the Kirby vacuum and put it in the closet vertically (front facing a wall) and now it will take up only a half of the space (about 15" x 7").
  2. Very convenient for transportation in a car or trunk