2.3.0 - Above the Floor Dusting (hose)

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    2.3.1 - Dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, massage cup
      You will need a hose connected instead of the nozzle (for details how go HERE)
    We will not go into great detail on how to use these 4 attachments as you probably already have a pretty good idea about that.

    Kirby upholstery tool  Kirby dusting brush  Kirby crevice tool  Kirby massage cup

    The massage cup is a bit of a weird attachment though.  Kirby Co. says that this is for vacuuming pets and it is a scalp-massager.  If you'd ever use it on your pets - make sure they are not small enough to be sucked in (smile).  For scalp we would suggest getting a good hair brush - it is much quieter.  We have seem people using this on very dirty spots to break up dirt - this makes more sense...

    2.3.2 - Wall and ceiling brush (back to TOP)
     Kirby wall ceiling attachment set

    To use wall/ceiling brush you will need:

    1. 2 extensions
    2. Attachment elbow
    3. Wall/ceiling brush
    vacuum celings You can use it for ceilings
    vacuum walls You can use it for walls
    vacuum celing fan You can reach the top of ceiling fans, cabinets, shelves...